A/I Training Program Research


Mentorship Program

The PAAA in conjunction with our Pennsylvania Allergy Education Research Fund (PAERF) Committee is excited to announce a new mentor program between A/I fellows in training and current practicing allergists. In order to foster the great legacy of this organization and help lead future allergists to a successful career in our field, we are now not only offering scholarships for FITs to attend the Annual Meeting, but also partnering each fellow at the Annual Meeting with a current active member. We hope the mentorship program will enhance the meeting experience for both and provide an opportunity to continue the relationship throughout the year.


Training Programs

Penn State University/Milton S. Hershey Medical Center​
Hershey, PA
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Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA
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Thomas Jefferson University
Wilmington, DE
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University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
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UPMC Medical Education Program
Pittsburgh, PA
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Allergy/Immunology Research Projects

Post your research criteria
To add your research project(s) to this page, email us the project title, inclusion criteria, name/contact info, and date on which information is to be added and taken off the page to paaa@pamedsoc.org.


Annual Meeting Research Posters

A/I fellows have the opportunity to display a research poster at the PAAA Annual Meeting. This exposes the attendees to the breadth of research being conducted at Pennsylvania's training institutions. All fellows who submit a poster and participate in the meeting will be awarded a generous stipend.  Fellows submitting a poster must be a member of PAAA and register for the meeting


A/I Fellow Travel Reimbursement

Allergy/Immunology fellow travel reimbursements for the PAAA Annual Meeting may be awarded to each training program in Pennsylvania. One or more fellows may be nominated from each training program. The nominated fellow is expected to bring a research poster to the meeting.


​                              Congratulations to the 2016 Poster Award Winners: 

                                1st place: Sarah Henrickson, MD | CHOP Pittsburgh

                                    2nd place: Joseph Grillo, MD | Thomas Jefferson

                                3rd place: Sayatani Sindher, MD | Thomas Jefferson




Pictured: 1st place poster winner
Sarah Henrickson, MD, received her
award from Dr. Laura Fisher, 2016 Program
Co-Chair, Board of Regents Member


Thank you to all of our 2016 PAAA Annual Meeting research poster participants​:

Inessa Bachove, MD |​ Thomas Jefferson |​ Primary Immune Deficiency in Baraitser-Winter Syndrome

Stephanie Eng, MD | Thomas Jefferson | Hymenoptera Venom-Induced Anaphylaxis in Acute Care Settings

Hillary Gordon, MD | Thomas Jefferson | Novel RAGI Mutation in a Patient with Typical Severe Combined Immunodeficiency

Joseph Grillo, MD | Thomas Jefferson | The Effect of a Penicillin Allergy Algorithm on Perioperative Antibiotic Choice

Sarah Henrickson, MD | CHOP Pittsburgh | Connections Between Asthma, Obesity, and Immune Function

Jaison Jose, MD | Penn State Hershey |​ Increased Prevalence of Macrolide Allergy in Middle-Aged Women

Alana Kekevian, MD | Thomas Jefferson | Ultrarush Venom Immunotherapy in a Pediatric Outpatient Setting

Theodore Kelbel, MD | Penn State Hershey | The Allergist's Role in Detection of Severe Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

Juhee Lee, MD | CHOP Philadelphia | Newborn Screening for SCID is Associated with a Shorter Interval from Diagnosis to Transplant

Samantha Lin, MD | Penn State Hershey | A Simple Intervention Significantly Improves Medication Reaction Documentation in the Allergy Clinic

Shari Montandon, DO | CHOP Pittsburgh | Allergy and Immunology Fellowship Program/Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

Sayatani Sindher, MD | CHOP Philadelphia | Differences in CD41L17+ in Children and Adults with Eosinophilic Esophagitis

Jiah Shin Teh, MD | UPenn | Exploring the Effects of Histamine on a Murine Mesothelioma Model

Jamie Zacharias, MD | Penn State Hershey | Analysis of Salivary Mirco-RNA and Allergan Profile in Patients with Asthma

Andrew Weinstein, MD | Jefferson Medical College | An Asthma Adherence Population Health System to Improve Asthma Control and Adherence to Inhaled…​